Stepping Off The Pier

The entrepreneur is essentially a visualizer and an actualizer. He can visualize something, and when visualizes it he sees exactly how to make it happen. — Robert L Schwartz

It seems that fate, fortune and the real estate market have pushed me off the pier and into the full time practice of law, much to the surprise of my original plans. I had grown comfortable with the idea that I would grow my small rural practice slowly on evenings and weekends while relying on that solid day job to cover life’s necessities. The only hitch… office space and the snail’s pace of small town government to issue things like conditional use permits and zoning variances (hey around here, plowing, planting and milking take precedence over council meetings).

When all seemed at a stand still, fate stepped in and I was offered affordable (so affordable I’ll be able to reduce my daily rate by $400) office space in a recently developed business incubator site lying at the junction of suburbia and the untamed rural countryside. Where once a dairy farm stood now stands a several blocks of office suites and a cash-strapped developer. The bad news is that to make this work, I’ve got to be a full time lawyer.

June 29th is the target date. Until then, blog entries may be a bit irregular – right now I’m alternating between Snoopy joy dances and blind panic. Hopefully the latter will eventually subside. Wish me luck.

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Bruce Cameron

Bruce Cameron, JD, MS is a second career attorney, practicing Quaker, FAA Certificated Pilot and advocate for small town law practices (see also: Working from an office on the edge of suburbia, and looking outward to serve rural communities, his Minnesota solo practice ( focuses exclusively on estate planning and collaborative law with just a soup├žon of mediation for excitement.

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