Rural Lawyer

As a second career attorney, I find that I am solo through deliberate necessity having found that while there are jobs out there, it is hard to get past the “why, at your age, do you want to start a new career” phase of the interview. After the first 100 or so, the light gradually dawns that if one has to make compromises to start a new career, it is best if they are your own compromises. So, despite the concerns for my sanity expressed by several well-meaning members of the local bar, I’ve headed out to build a practice based on Collaborative law and mediation that targets rural and small town clients. It’s not that terrifying a thought once you get over the psychological barriers; we are taught to be employees, not entrepreneurs – that takes a leap of faith.

When not at the office, the remainder of my time is spent on my small farm with my wife and at the beck and call of a small herd of horses, 3 dogs, 2 cats, assorted poultry, and an African Grey Parrot. Any sort of bio would not be complete without giving a great deal of credit and recognition to my wife, who watched her somewhat normal, rational husband devolve into that somewhat lower life form – a law student  – and is still patiently waiting as I climb back into normality and the human race. Of the two of us, hers has been and is the more difficult role – I only worry about building a law practice, she has to put up with and worry about me.


I can be contacted at b.cameron(at) My firm’s on-line business card can be found at