Catch Up

A quick update on the world of rural lawyering:

I recently ran across Jennifer Gumbel’s postings on (a tip of the hat to for pointing out a great resource right here in my back yard). Her article on legal “ruralsourcing” (outsourcing to small towns) shows that, once again, the internet opens up opportunities for rural lawyers. The low overhead of the rural lawyer combined with the almost instantaneous communication of the internet may make the rural lawyer the next “goto” source for document review, due diligence work, and freelance legal research. In a lighter vein, Ms. Gumbel’s “Observations on Rural Stereotypes” is good for a quick laugh.

Over on Greedy Associates, Andrew Chow recently posted on “Why you shouldn’t rule out rural law“. I’m honored to have this blog quoted so prominently. Thanks Mr. Chow.

Finally, there is a great thread over on jdunderground on the wisdom of going rural. You’ll have to sift through the snarky to get to the gems, but the thread is worth a read as there is some good common sense advice lurking there.