The Uncertain Glory of an April Day*

Spring has come to this rural practice and with it brings the ritual and renewal that is spring cleaning. Spring cleaning is that biannual event, not quite unlike a wiccan sabbat, where one marks the turning of the seasons with some sort of great occasion. The tedious eviction of the accumulated detritus of the past six months may to give way to some great bacchanalia but it does provide for a certain amount of contemplation and reflection.

Some years back, on one of these April days where the weather was too good to work inside, but not quite good enough to work out in the yard or in the fields, I found myself lying half way into the manger of my horse trailer attempting to rivet a metal patch in place. Continue reading

Thanks for the Invite, but I may not Follow You

As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. — Carl Jung

While Jung may have the collective unconscious to have a great signal-to-noise ratio, the part of the collective conscious that Twitter seems to have accessed has a poor signal-to-noise ratio. So, I may not be following you because:

Your stream of tweets is simply a catalog of your every waking moment. A constant bombardment of information eventually becomes noise. I don’t have time for that.

Your tweets are simply monotonous diatribes on a single topic. I left that behind when I left usenet. While others may find that endless catalog of links interesting, I’d rather google for the information when I need it.

Finally, blatant self-promotion doesn’t trip my trigger.

I’m looking for the art, poetry and interspection that occassionally winds its way through general morass. I want to read something that is funny, interesting, relevant, cute, or thought provoking. I use Twitter to be entertained and to meet people. So be a light in the darkness and I will follow.