Thinking About Law School – Part 2: The Positive

The good news is that if you have been accepted to law school, you bring with you all the basic skills needed to succeed. You may have to fine tune some of them, but you do know how to do it all.

You are going to be inundated with tips, tricks, shortcuts, and sure fire schemes through out law school and all of them are going to promise you better grades, better comprehension, wealth, fame, fortune, and possibly increased sexual potency. However, the real key to law school success is free, all you have to do is ask.

Ask questions, ask for help, ask early, ask often, ask intelligent questions, ask stupid questions, ask silly questions, ask really probing questions, ask, ask, ask! The simple fact is that you are spending tens of dollars for minute you are sitting in class. You are paying thousands of dollars to understand this material. Get your money’s worth, use the resources you’ve all ready paid for: the professors, the tutors, the librarians, etc. Pay no attention to the guy sitting next to you with that bored look on his face. Odds are he doesn’t understand the material any better than you, so don’t be inhibited by his ennui — if you don’t understand something ask a question, ask it now and keep asking until either you do understand it or the professor suggests meeting him during his office hours to discuss it further (go to the meeting & ask questions). Let the bored guy get the C, you are shooting for better.