Crossover to Linux

I’ve been running CrossOver on my CentOS Linux desktop for the last week or so and have been quite impressed with the software. For those that may not of heard, CrossOver allows you to install and run Windows applications under Linux without the need for a Microsoft Operating System license. Once installed, its just a matter of click and run.

With the exception of Access, I had no problems installing and running the Office 2003 Pro suite, OneNote, Flash, Quicken, and Acrobat. While the CrossOver install process does add an additional layer of complexity when compared to a native install under Windows, for CrossOver supported applications the process is simply a matter of running an install wizard application and specifying which CDROM contains the application install disk. For unsupported applications, installation gets a bit more complicated and my attempts to install demo versions of Tabs3/PracticeMaster and Amicus Attorney have failed. I should note that, at present, I’ve only tried twice to install these applications and have yet to crack open the relevant documentation so my failures are more indicative of my lack of time than the software’s overall performance.