Solo Practice University: Mentorship For The Rural Lawyer

The harsh reality is that law school only teaches theory and, until recently, learning the actual practice of law was taught by that harsh task-master experience. For the new associate just entering an established law firm, experience’s lessons are tempered by the older and wiser partners, however for those of us who march to our own drumbeat as solo practitioners finding mentors can be a daunting task. On March 20th, 2009, this changes with the opening of Solo Practice University.

Solo Practice University is the brain child of Susan Cartier Liebel and stems from her frustration with the inability of law schools to cover the innumerable variables that are unique to the actual solo practice of law. Solo Practice University is an on-line community bringing law students and solo practitioners together with an  experienced, nationally recognized faculty.

For what amounts to the cost of your average CLE ($595 annually for attorneys) the Solo Practice University provides the solo practitioner access to more than 35 attorneys, business and marketing experts, and technology gurus who will act as instructors, mentors, and coaches. Being a on-line resource, the majority of Solo Practice University’s materials are available 24/7 and by using social networking tools, “live” information is never far away.

While a solo practice may not be for everyone, it is nice to know that, for those of us who chose this path, there is a resource out there where we can get answers to those 3:00 AM questions. Where we can go to talk and learn from those that have been down this road before us.

My thanks to Susan Cartier Liebel and David Carson for allowing me to use their material as a basis for this post

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  1. Thanks for the shout out re: SPU. It is definitely a labor of love and if the students’ reactions (those who are already inside) are any indication, then maybe we’re doing something right 🙂

    Solo Practice University is going to be a very worthwhile community for solo practitioners.

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