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Dear Readers,
Today is something of an event; as Rural Lawyer the blog enters its 3rd year, I am embarking on a new project – writing Rural Lawyer the book. The official press release reads as:

SEATTLE, Nov. 8 – Twenty percent of America’s lawyers practice in towns smaller than 50,000 population, but with the legal job market still in free-fall more lawyers than ever before are actively considering opening a small town or rural practice.

In the absence of any current resources, LawyerAvenue Press, publisher of Solo By Choice, signed Bruce Cameron, a Minnesota-based solo practitioner, to author the first-ever handbook for new grads and unemployed BigLaw associates who dream about leaving the big city to practice law in a smaller, less frantically paced small town or rural community. Bruce, a popular law blogger(, balances his own small town practice by writing about practicing law in rural America, where, as he says,“… good neighbors are a mile down the road, the next lawyer is two towns over, and the nearest Starbucks is a good hour away.”

To kick off the book project, Bruce has launched a nationwide search for small town/rural solos at all stages of their careers who are interested in sharing their insights and experiences practicing law in the heartland. To add your voice to the rural lawyering handbook, contact Bruce at b.cameron(at) for further information.

So, if you care to help with the project, please drop me a line and join in the conversation about rural lawyering. Thanks much.

2 thoughts on “Rural Lawyer The Book

  1. I wish I could convince my wife to go rural. I either need to give up my desire to “go country” or get a new wife. I like her, so I’ll give up the dream. Enjoy it.

  2. Rural does not begin at 50,000 population. It probably starts when the population drops below 10,000. Solo GP attorneys in towns of 7,500 are about as rare as gas stations with real mechanics.

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