My Annual Campaign

It's buy nothing day It’s that time of year (the one time of the year) when Rural Lawyer gets a bit political and takes the time to celebrate Buy Nothing Day. So, rather than joining the lemmings flocking to the stores, here are some “rural” ways to slow down and enjoy the day.

  • Climb a tree  – stay up there a while
  • Have a picnic – don’t skimp, go all out – wicker hamper, gingham blanket, china & crystal
  • Eat a lobster – with your hands, without a bib
  • Go for a walk – take your SO & hold hands
  • Play with your kids – until they’re tired
  • Take a nap
  • Have Tea – a really Tea, complete with  sandwiches, trifles, fancy hats and sharp suits

And if you’ve got to spend money, considering sending some to these folks