A New Year, a New Venture

Blowing horns on Bleeker Street on New Year's Day

Marjory Collins, photographer, Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division,LC-USW3-013050-E

With the new year comes a new blog for me – Little Law Office on the Prairie (LLOotP for short). My plan is that LLOotP will be a place to discuss the business of running a rural law firm – everything from the marketing and business challenges rural solo’s and small firms face to the technology that makes our jobs easier. Don’t worry, RuralLawyer will still go on, but  RL is going to focus more on the why than how – more mens rae than actus reus if you will.

Now, there’s not much going on over at LLOotP at the moment, but you are welcome to cruise on over and see if I fixed all the 404 errors. And if that doesn’t set the bar low enough, LLOotP will have roughly the same posting regularity as RuralLawyer – generally monthly, some times bi-weekly, occasionally weekly but always when I think about it.

Happy New Year.

3 thoughts on “A New Year, a New Venture

  1. Mr. Cameron”

    Welcome to a very small club. I am forwarding your announcement for information of my “Dear Colleague” newsletter. Some, but not all, are small town, rural, lawyers. If I plagiarized your title, it would have to be LLOitM (Little Law Office in the Mountains)! It appears that I must change my blogs also. Blogger has begun to malfunction. Looks like WordPress is “the ticket”.


    Burton Hunter

    WV Lawyer, Tips and Techniques http://www.burtonhunteresq2.blogspot.com

    Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer http://www.burtonhunteresq.blogspot.com

    J. Burton Hunter III
    This e-mail is confidential; if you received it by mistake,
    please delete and let me know. Thanks, Burt

  2. Mr. Hunter,

    Thank you for the comment, the kind words, and the forward. I would like to think that while the club is small now, it will be getting larger in the future.

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