The Book Goes Digital

Becoming A Rural Lawyer - A Personal Guide to Establishing a Small Town Practice by Bruce CameronFor those of you who have moved from their libraries into the digital domain, Becoming a Rural Lawyer is now available for Kindle.

In related news, I see that a used copy of my book is currently being listed at $116.17. While I am flattered that someone out there values my little tome so highly, I’d just like to point out that list price is still only $28.50 for a brand-spanking new one (contact me if you want an autographed version). So, not only can my book help you get your small town practice up and running, it’s an appreciable asset as well.

One thought on “The Book Goes Digital

  1. Congratulations. I was able to produce my blog as a Kindle Book two years ago. But, recently I tried my current, more robust version, but I must have some copywrited “snags” from Google Images. I sure will check it out.

    Burt Hunter

    J. Burton Hunter III

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