Hay Fever

The only way to last a really long time is to build something useful enough that people will want to keep it going after you die, and to cultivate a sense of ownership in other people. In short: make good shit and give it away as fast as you can.
Lisa Williams

Well if this has posted, I’m still waiting on either the weather to improve or my equipment to be repaired. Equipment seldom breaks down when the repair shop is open – if the shop is open, the part you need will, inevitably, have to be ordered at which point, it will be discovered that this particular part has been on back order for the last 18 months because the only factory that makes it has been closed due to a wildcat sympathy strike. Makes me glad that I buy reliable American farm equipment (corporate headquarters in Amsterdam, assembled in Italy with parts from Germany, Canada, and France) rather than that off-brand foreign stuff.