Short Takes

A New Office

The rural lawyer is going to be a bit discombobulated for the next couple of weeks as the ol’ law office gets packed up and moved across town – well, it’s really only about 17 blocks between locations, but out here, that’s across town. Small town office space is often hard to find and good locations (easy access, up to date facilities) can be expensive and it is often a seller’s market, so when a bargain appears it is often worth taking a look. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I came across a deal too good to pass up and am now hustling to move in, so be prepared for a week or two of spotty posts.

Moving From Big Law to Small Town

Speaking of moving, I came across this great blog post by Shane Penfield. Mr. Penfield discusses his return to his home town in rural South Dakota and the challenges of being a small town lawyer.

Right Place, Right Practice, Right Time

An often heard complaint about being a small town lawyer is that small town lawyers don’t handle interesting cases. Well, for most of us, that may be true as we muddle through the banal legal matters that only impact an individual client, but there are those small town lawyers like Lawrence Piergallini who just happen to have the right practice in the right place and the right time. Mr. Piergallini’s Tiltonsville, Ohio practice is smack in the middle of shale gas country and he has become a leading expert in shale gas leases – representing land owners as they negotiate leases with oil and gas companies.